iU News Paper BAG Initiative

They say "aim for the sky to reach the tree top", & it jist happened the same way. We aimed for a Humongous 1 Million NewsPaperBags in One day & we made it to 3,00,000 Bags made in One single Day across 11 cities & 6 Nations!

This was done Involving 1500 volunteers with an effort of less than 10 days for all. I believe it's truly some commendable work & Let's only make it BIGGER the NEXT TIME!

Approximate updates:
We successfully involved
152 Institutes
1463 Volunteers
58805 Students

To make 299595 iUNewsPaperBags

11 Cities in total participated - Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Chitradurga, Mandya, Udupi, Bannerghatta, Chalkere, Dharwad

6 Countries in Total Participated - India, Malaysia, UK, Ireland, Pakistan, Sweden