iU Cares Foundation Projects

iUCares Foundation cares to innovate projects that are largely executable by masses & simple to scale. Our team is constantly in search of simple solutions to problems of society.
We believe in inspiring and motivating the youth and every person to take part in uplifting the society. IUcares believes in creating an impact that can ripple through the society and positively develop all sections of the society. We are all set to welcome every project that can create even the slightest of the positive changes in the society.

iU Youth 2 Children

This fantastic initiative proposes to take the awareness about various things to the underprivileged students of the nation! A lot of third world countries have student population who don't go for...

iU Newspaper Bag

It is not hidden from us anymore that the regular use of plastic bags is causing immense harm to our environment. IU Newspaper Bag is a reduce plastics campaign. An initiative to convert the Newspapers...


The Project is yet another example to the fact that, the answers to complicated questions are often simple. This project not just cuts down the cut-down rate of trees but also empowers people on believing...

iU Literacy

The illiteracy & computer illiteracy issues are haunting the governments & bureaucrats in many nations around the globe. Technology & mankind are progressing at lightning speed & hence these basic issues...

Nepal Create Leaders Campaign

The organization was founded over a cup of coffee while discussing the ill fate of the glorious nation of nepal due to lack of Iconic leadership from youth. The history of Neapl doesn't hold disasters...